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National Archival Appraisal Board 

Conseil National d'Évaluation des Archives

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Vol. 1, no. 1 - November 2019 / Novembre 2019

Vol. 2, no. 1 - May 2020 / Mai 2020
Vol. 2, no. 2 - December 2020 / Décembre 2020

Vol. 3, no. 1 - June 2021/ Juin 2021

Latest News / Nouvelles récentes

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  • December 13, 2018 3:26 PM | Isabelle Alain (Administrator)

    National Archival Appraisal Board (NAAB) is pleased to announce the launch of the Practising NAAB Appraiser (PNA) Designation and Practising NAAB Appraiser (PNA) MASTERCLASS

    In recent decades, the Canadian Archival System has faced a lack of nationally accepted standards to serve as the foundation for the professional practice of archival monetary appraisal. Beyond the services provided through the National Archival Appraisal Board (NAAB) and its panels, approaches related to archival monetary appraisal across Canada include local disparate practices for both in-house or external independent appraisal. In addition, a shortage of qualified, active, independent appraisers in most regions across Canada magnifies the varying approaches and often increases the costs associated with monetary appraisal, since the institution is required to cover appraisal fees as well as expenses such as travel and accommodation.

    If left unaddressed, these issues would eventually undermine the sustainability of archival monetary appraisal in Canada; thereby hampering archives’ capacity to acquire historically significant materials.

    Since 2016, NAAB has been working diligently to develop short term and long term solutions to address the limited pool of archival monetary appraisers in Canada, and to create a framework for sharing best practices, tools and knowledge related to archival monetary appraisal. To this end, we are pleased to introduce the Practising NAAB Appraiser (PNA) Designation and Practising NAAB Appraiser (PNA) MASTERCLASS.

    Practising NAAB Appraiser (PNA)
    The PNA has been established to promote and maintain the highest standards of professionalism for all individuals directly or indirectly involved in monetary appraisal activities in Canada. PNAs will have applied and been accepted for Membership in NAAB – and the expert community of archival monetary appraisal professionals – and they will have the opportunity to build their network, provide input and share their knowledge and experience to the betterment of monetary appraisal in Canada. PNAs will also be required to maintain an appropriate level of professional expertise by continually developing knowledge, competencies and abilities. They will perform their professional duties in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and technical standards. PNAs participating in NAAB panels will also have access to the new searchable database of past NAAB appraisals, in development, to be piloted in Spring 2019. Further, beginning in 2021, most NAAB panels will be comprised primarily of PNAs.

    There are three pathways (options) to help an experienced heritage professional become a PNA:

    Pathway 1 – MASTERCLASS
    Pathway 2 – PORTFOLIO - For Current Practising NAAB Appraisers
    Pathway 3 – PORTFOLIO - For Associates / New Practising NAAB Appraisers (Coming soon!)

    This innovative 4-day intensive training program, is a pilot project delivered by experienced professionals in archival monetary appraisal and will leverage your own extensive archival and heritage expertise, leading you through the policies and practices required to undertake both NAAB and independent archival monetary appraisal.

    This training is only intended for experienced mid-to-late career archivists, librarians, museum curators, dealers or other experienced heritage professionals. Participants must meet the minimum requirements specified on the registration page.

    The Masterclass puts in place the critical pieces of the archival monetary appraisal puzzle, in a straightforward way, enhances your skills, increases your understanding about monetary appraisal processes and improves your ability to undertake effective archival monetary appraisals. Case studies will be used to illustrate and deepen the lessons learned. On the final day, upon successful completion of the summative assignment – a full archival monetary appraisal and a written monetary appraisal report – participants will become eligible to receive the Practising NAAB Appraiser credential.

    Other benefits: Take this knowledge back to your workplace. Bring immediate benefit to your archival institution by conducting small and medium dollar value in-house archival monetary appraisals. Earn extra income or share your expertise with the broader heritage community by participating on NAAB panels in your region, develop your leadership abilities in archival monetary appraisal and help shape and sustain the future of the archival monetary appraisal landscape in Canada – become a PNA!

    At this time, the Masterclass pilot will only be offered once in the following locations:

    Fredericton  - February 18 to 21, 2019
    Edmonton  - March 11 to 14, 2019
    Ottawa  - March 25 to 28, 2019

    Registration will be limited and preference given to those with archival experience (acquiring and processing records). Sessions will be delivered in English only, at this time. However, at least one lead instructor in each session will be bilingual and participants will be encouraged to ask questions in French or English. / Les sessions seront données en anglais seulement pour le moment.Toutefois, lors de chaque session, au moins un instructeur principal sera bilingue et les participants seront encouragés à poser des questions en français ou en anglais.

    To register for the MASTERCLASS, please visit: _____

    More NAAB updates coming soon!
    In order to meet the needs of a wide variety of professionals within NAAB’s network, three categories of benefits and services will be available to those interested in archival monetary appraisal: Practising NAAB Appraisers, NAAB Associates and NAAB Affiliates.

    More information will be circulated shortly about NAAB Associates and Affiliates.

    As well, additional training initiatives will be offered in the future for a variety of elements of monetary appraisal and will provide new and mid-career professionals opportunities to gain additional experience and knowledge to fulfill the requirements for the Practising NAAB Appraiser (PNA) Designation.

    Des mises à jour additionnelles du CNÉA seront disponibles prochainement!
    Afin de répondre aux besoins d’un large éventail de professionnels au sein du CNÉA, trois catégories de prestations et de services seront disponibles pour les personnes intéressées par l’évaluation monétaire d’archives, soit les Évaluateurs du CNÉA en exercice, les Associés du CNÉA, et les Affiliés du CNÉA. De plus amples informations sur les associés et les affiliés du CNÉA seront diffusées prochainement.

    De plus, des initiatives de formation supplémentaires couvrant un éventail de compétences liées à l’évaluation monétaire seront proposées dans le futur, et fourniront ainsi aux professionnels débutants et en milieu de carrière l'occasion d'acquérir de l’expérience et des connaissances additionnelles afin de satisfaire aux exigences de la désignation d'Évaluateur du CNÉA en exercice (ECE). 

  • December 03, 2018 2:19 PM | Isabelle Alain (Administrator)

    You have reached NAAB‘s NEW Website.  You will notice that a few of our sections are still under construction. We are very excited about the additional features and enhancements that will be added over the weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned. We have a lot to share with you!

    Vous êtes présentement sur le nouveau site Web du CNÉA.  Vous remarquerez que certaines de nos sections sont toujours en construction. Nous sommes très heureux des fonctionnalités supplémentaires et des améliorations qui seront ajoutées au cours des semaines et des mois à venir. Restez à l'écoute. Nous avons beaucoup à partager avec vous!

  • November 07, 2018 11:36 PM | Isabelle Alain (Administrator)

    Dear Colleagues:

    This past summer was a significant turning point in achieving a number of objectives as part of the restructuring of the National Archival Appraisal Board (NAAB).

    As a result, there have been a number of recent changes to NAAB that I wish to bring to your attention.

    On July 25th the Board of Directors had a meeting to approve the revised by-laws. The previous by-laws needed to be amended to comply with the current federal legislation for not-for-profit organizations.  At that same meeting, a “transition board” was put into place to move forward with the new governance model and develop a plan to expand the pool of appraisers to make monetary appraisal for institutions more accessible and affordable.

    Part of this plan involves implementing a membership structure and fees that will enable us to build a financial base and develop a “certification process” for senior archivists wanting to become a “Practising NAAB Appraiser” (PNA).  Our immediate priority is to build capacity to increase the number of monetary appraisers across Canada, and create a certification process to provide the necessary training to individuals wanting to become a Practising NAAB Appraiser (PNA); and ultimately with NAAB evolving into the credentialing body for archival monetary appraisal in Canada.

    We have posted a number of documents on the NAAB website  that will provide you with the names and composition of the “transition board,” a copy of the new by-laws and the organizational chart showing the new governance model. Please note that the website is currently under construction and will be revamped as resources become available.

    There are challenges ahead and many decisions are still to be made, however, we feel these initiatives are the logical next steps in NAAB’s evolution. In the near future we will be developing training opportunities for the certification process.

    We are operating with very limited resources, but we will strive to keep you updated as much as possible as we go along. We hope to demystify NAAB and make it a more transparent and accountable organization – one that is more integrated in, and engaged with the archival community. 

    It is important to note that the changes and progress made to date would not have been possible without the ongoing operational support through the Canadian Council of Archives (CCA).  For the past few years, CCA has played a critical role in NAAB’s development and worked collaboratively with our volunteers towards addressing the gaps in capacity and professional skills related to archival monetary appraisal in Canada.

    Karen Teeple
    Chair, NAAB Board of Directors                                                                            ________________________________________________________________________________

    Chers collègues,

    L'été dernier a marqué un tournant décisif dans la réalisation de plusieurs objectifs dans le cadre de la restructuration du Conseil national d'évaluation des archives (CNÉA).

    Par conséquent, je souhaite attirer votre attention sur un certain nombre de modifications récentes apportées au CNÉA.

    Le 25 juillet, le comité de direction s'est réuni pour approuver les règlements révisés puisque les règlements précédents devaient être modifiés afin d’être conformes à la législation fédérale en vigueur pour les organismes à but non lucratif. Lors de cette même réunion, un «conseil de transition» a été constitué pour mettre en oeuvre le nouveau modèle de gouvernance et élaborer un plan visant à élargir le bassin d'évaluateurs, afin de rendre l’évaluation monétaire plus accessible et abordable pour les institutions.

    Une partie de ce plan implique la mise en place d'une structure d'adhésion et de frais qui nous permettront de fonder une assise financière et de développer un « processus de certification » pour les archivistes expérimentés souhaitant devenir Évaluateur du CNÉA en exercice (ÉCE). Notre priorité immédiate est de renforcer la capacité du conseil afin d’augmenter le nombre d’évaluateurs monétaires au Canada et de créer un processus de certification qui offrira la formation nécessaire aux personnes souhaitant devenir Évaluateur du CNÉA en exercice (ÉCE), pour que le CNÉA devienne ensuite l'organisme d'accréditation pour l'évaluation monétaire des archives au Canada.

    Nous avons publié un certain nombre de documents sur le site Web du CNÉA qui vous fourniront la composition du «conseil de transition», une copie des nouveaux règlements et l'organigramme illustrant le nouveau modèle de gouvernance. Veuillez aussi noter qu’une refonte du site Web est actuellement en cours et sera restructuré à mesure que les ressources deviendront disponibles.

    De nombreux défis nous attendent et de nombreuses décisions restent à venir, mais nous croyons que ces initiatives sont les prochaines étapes logiques de l’évolution du CNÉA. Dans un proche avenir, nous développerons des opportunités de formation pour le processus de certification.

    Nous fonctionnons avec des ressources très limitées mais nous vous tiendrons au courant autant que possible de nos progrès. Nous espérons démystifier le CNÉA et en faire une organisation plus transparente et responsable - une organisation plus intégrée et engagée avec la communauté archivistique.

    Il est important de noter que les changements et les progrès réalisés à ce jour n'auraient pas été possibles sans le soutien opérationnel continu fourni par le Conseil canadien des archives (CCA). Au cours des dernières années, le CCA a joué un rôle crucial dans le développement du CNÉA et a collaboré avec nos bénévoles afin de combler les lacunes en matière de capacité et de compétences professionnelles liées à l’évaluation monétaire des archives au Canada.

    Karen Teeple
    Présidente du Comité de direction du CNÉA

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