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National Archival Appraisal Board 

Conseil National d'Évaluation des Archives

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Masterclass - Halifax Session

  • February 26, 2024
  • 9:00 AM (AST)
  • February 29, 2024
  • 5:00 PM (AST)
  • Nova Scotia Archives, Halifax, NS


  • You will not be permitted to submit the final assignment for grading and you will not qualify for the PNA designation and benefits, at this time. Auditing participants must still meet the registration requirements for this program, as outlined in the event description.

    Note: Registration fees include a one year NAAB Associate fee ($125), eligibility
    assessment for Masterclass, a four day intensive monetary appraisal program, learning
    materials, access to the online Masterclass portal with monetary appraisal tools and
    relevant readings, coffee breaks, and lunch each day.
  • Includes a one year NAAB Associate fee, eligibility assessment for the Masterclass, learning materials, coffee breaks, daily lunch.

Registration is closed

Pathway 1 to become a Practising NAAB Appraiser (PNA):  MASTERCLASS

This innovative 4-day intensive and hands-on training program, delivered by leading experts in archival monetary appraisal, will leverage your own extensive archival and heritage expertise, leading you through the policies and practices required to undertake both NAAB and independent archival monetary appraisal, through NAAB and independently.

The Masterclass puts in place the critical pieces of the archival monetary appraisal puzzle and, in a straightforward way, enhances your skills, increases your understanding about monetary appraisal processes and improves your ability to undertake effective archival monetary appraisals. Case studies will be used to illustrate and deepen the lessons learned.  On the final day, upon successful completion of the summative assignment – a full archival monetary appraisal and a written monetary appraisal report – participants will become eligible to receive the Practising NAAB Appraiser credential. 

Other benefits: Take this knowledge back to your workplace. Bring immediate benefit to your archival institution by conducting small and medium dollar value in-house archival monetary appraisals. Earn extra income or share your expertise with the broader heritage community by participating on NAAB panels in your region. Develop your leadership abilities in archival monetary appraisal and help shape and sustain the future of the archival monetary appraisal landscape in Canada – become a PNA!

To participate in the Masterclass you should be a seasoned mid to late career or retired archivist, librarian, museum curator or other heritage professional and meet the following minimum requirements:

1.  Become a member in good standing with NAAB (Associate fee is included in the registration fee). You can pay online via credit card or please contact CCA/NAAB by email to have an invoice sent to your institution.
Registration Fee: $1,950 for full participants / $1,685 for auditing participants

2.  Complete the Registration and agree to adhere to the Practising NAAB Appraiser Standards of Ethical Conduct and Professional Responsibility.

3.  Submit a detailed CV that demonstrates the appropriate minimum educational and experience requirements:

· An undergraduate degree from a recognized university and five (5) years of experience working in an archival institution or related field.
· Successfully completed two (2) years of post secondary education in a discipline relevant to culture and heritage, and seven (7) years of relevant experience
· Exceptional educational and professional circumstances may also be considered

4. Receive official approval of registration by NAAB


  • Participants are required to bring a laptop with wifi capabilities to the Masterclass. All assignments will be completed electronically.  Wifi access will be provided to each participant. Technical support will not be available. 
  • Registration will be limited and preference will be given to those with archival experience (processing records).
  • Sessions will be delivered in English only, at this time.  However, at least one lead instructor in each session will be bilingual and participants will be encouraged to ask questions in French or English. / Les sessions seront données en anglais seulement pour le moment. Toutefois, lors de chaque session, au moins un instructeur principal sera bilingue et les participants seront encouragés à poser des questions en français ou en anglais.
  • For participants without institutional support, customized payment arrangements can be made by contacting / Pour les participants sans soutien institutionnel, il est possible d'établir des modalités de versement en contactant
  • Are you wondering what skills and knowledge the ideal participant might have?  NAAB has created a sample self assessment to help guide your registration decision. Please note, the experience and knowledge of each application for registration will be considered on its own merits. Individual results may vary and minor variances may not preclude your participation in the Masterclass.  Disclaimer: This sample document is provided to you as guidance only. A minimum of 5 to 10 years of heritage experience would be an asset for Masterclass participants.  Each professional m may have unique experiences, enhanced skills or minor knowledge gaps that may or may not be reflected within this assessment sample.

The Masterclass is delivered in partnership with:

Canadian Council of Archives/Conseil canadien des archives
Secretariat and Registrar for the National Archival Appraisal Board (NAAB) 
/ Secrétariat et registraire du Conseil national d’évaluation des archives (CNÉA)
130 Albert, Suite 1912
Ottawa, ON   K1P 5G4

NAAB Secretariat / Secrétariat du CNÉA 
130 Albert, Suite 1912
Ottawa, ON  K1P 5G4
Tel.: (613) 565-1222 ext. 191
Toll free / Sans frais : 1-866-254-1403
Fax / Télec. : 1-855-855-0774
Email / Courriel:

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