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NAAB seeks to advise and assist institutions in the preparation of donations for tax credits.

To obtain an appraisal from the National Archives Appraisal Board, we ask the institution for the following requirements:

  • A signed donation agreement to ensure that the institution owns the material to be appraised.
  • That the material be arranged and described to facilitate an appropriate examination of the records. Appraisers need to know what they are appraising to do a fair and accurate appraisal. A good finding aid saves appraisers’ time and institutions’ money and can increase the amount of tax credit for the donor.
  • An archival appraisal of the donation of records that provides some background and history of the material, significance and relevance of records to the institution. NAAB’s role is to provide a determination of the fair market value; the archival report is the lead document in assessing its heritage value.
  • A conservation report that describes the overall condition of the material and highlights any conservation concerns/issues. This is particularly important for photographic and audio visual documents as technical condition has a major impact on its value.
  • Provide copies of the finding aid, appraisal and conservation report (where applicable) to the regional director or chair of the appraisal committee, at least 10 days prior to the session, to allow the committee members to prepare themselves
  • Provide a suitable space for the committee’s work.

When the regional director has received a request from an institution, he/she will schedule an appraisal session and appoints the members of the Appraisal Committee for that session.

NAAB is prepared to do an appraisal within ten days of receiving a finding aid that generally makes it possible to review the content description and listing before our arrival. The finding aid should include an administrative/biographical note, scope and content note, physical extent, significance and highlights of the collection. Appraisers will not be able to view or audition all items in a large fonds, therefore a sample selection of documents within the fonds, representing its strengths and weakness and different genres of documents is helpful. Large donations that contain photographs should include the number and sizes of each of the various photographic formats eg. number of 5x7s, 8x10s, 11x14s etc. and also indicate the same should there be any transparencies and/or slides.

Once the on-site appraisal has been undertaken, a report is prepared that can be used by the institution to issue the necessary income tax receipt. Please advise us if it is your intention to prepare an application to the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board.

NAAB is represented in six regions.  They can be contacted by e-mail.


director: Burton Glendenning
assistant: Julie Morris


director: Marcel Caya
assistant: Guy Dinel


director: Karen Teeple
assistant: Henri Pilon


director: Doug Cass
assistant: Gilles Lesage


B.C. and Yukon:
director: George Brandak
assistant: Steve Lunsford


National Capital (Ottawa and vicinity):
director: Jim Burant
assistant: Ken Larose